SAN BERNARDINO ( — San Bernardino Police released 911 tapes from the final moments of the February manhunt for ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner Monday.

The 13-hour recording begins with police trying to locate Dorner after tying up a Big Bear couple and stealing their SUV.

The recordings between a San Bernardino Deputy and the 911 Dispatcher chronicle the escalating situation following exchanges of fire that hit police.

Deputy: Officer down, officer down.

Dispatch: Copy officer down.

Deputy: We need the armored vehicle to get the personnel out.

Dispatch: I copy. The deputies are still down in the kill zone.

The exchange reveals how the plan to engage Dorner escalated.

Deputy: …we’re going to be popping smoke and moving vehicles to get the vic… out…

Dispatch: Copy, copy…smoke to get the victims out.

As the call continues, deputies relay what they are seeing on scene.

Deputy: I’ve got a guy seeing something camouflage underneath that door…(inaudible)…

Deputy: We have blood spatters in the far corner. You’ve got a couple of mattresses laying up against the bed.

The deputy states that authorities will proceed and reports hearing one shot fired from inside the cabin.

Deputy: Alright…we’re gonna go forward with the plan, with the burn. Sounded like one shot fired from inside…

Dispatch: Copy. One shot fired from inside the residence.

Finally, the recording recounts deputies describing the residence as “fully engulfed” as the cabin burned.

The recordings come after their transcripts were released earlier this month, showing that deputies held their fire during the final hours of the standoff.


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