STUDIO CITY ( — Daniel Tierney, a technician from Mr. Handyman, visited the KCAL9 studios Thursday to show viewers some tips to improve their patios for summer!

Power Wash:

• Over time dirt, debris and mildew collect on the surface of your patio and if not properly cleaned, damage can be caused from the buildup.

• To avoid potential damage, it’s best to have an expert inspect and power wash your patio at least once a year.

• Routinely washing your patio properly is one of the easiest ways to maintain your investment and increase overall aesthetic.

Sand & Stain:

• Refinishing your deck is a two-staged job. For a polished look, first stain your deck with either a latex or oil-based stain and then use fine grit sandpaper to give your deck a smooth finish.

• Make sure to inspect your deck before starting and evaluate if you need to strip off the old finish before staining.

• Since the summer sun, heat and moisture all weather the deck’s wood, it’s important to sand and stain your deck seasonally to maintain the refinished look.

Install Flower Boxes:

• One of the easiest ways to add color and fragrance to any patio is by installing flower boxes. If you choose to build one from scratch, make sure to create holes at the bottom of the box for drainage and install a strong support system for each box.

Move & Assemble Patio Furniture:

• Patio furniture should accent your house while complimenting the natural colors in your yard.

• Before dragging the furniture out of the garage, make sure to clean it up and make touch-ups where necessary.

• Good patio furniture is advantageous for both the look of your yard as well as the comfort of your guests.

Upgrade & Install:

• Installing new doors, windows and screens will compliment both indoor and outdoor spaces.

• With your yard being a continued extension of your home, you want the transition spaces to be updated and inviting for both you and your guests.


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