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Sometimes — after a week of deadlines, demands and bumper-to-bumper driving — you just need a break from all the clamor. Imagine getting completely away from the city, but without driving hours to get there.

There is a place, a few miles north of Malibu, where you can breathe easy, relax and forget you’re anywhere near the Santa Monica or Hollywood freeways. It’s called El Matador State Beach. And, it’s a fine place to start or end an L.A. weekend.

In the early Spring, you’ll often find just a handful of people there — couples strolling about, perhaps a shivering body surfer or two, and a few families wandering along the water’s edge.

If you arrive a bit before low tide, you can easily explore El Matador’s rugged beauty. Avoid visiting during high tide, because may you may find limited access due to the combination of crashing waves, surging currents and jagged rocks. You can determine the best time of day for you by checking the expected low and high tides at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website (NOAA).

To find El Matador, drive north from Malibu Canyon Road on Pacific Coast Highway — about 11 miles — watch closely for the entrance on the left. Once parked, you’ll have to hike down a steep 150-foot descent from the bluffs to the shoreline.

This destination was chosen by Mercedes-Benz of Encino in Los Angeles to stimulate your mind with fresh ideas of adventure and renewal. To find out more, we suggest browsing this gallery of Flickr photos showing what you might find at El Matador.


Making the drive to the El Matador in your own Mercedes-Benz would certainly enhance this uniquely L.A. experience.  But, just imagine how satisfying it would be to have room for all your cameras and picnic supplies loaded into your own 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 SUV.

By Carl Rempel


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