...And Ladies: He's Single!By Kent Shocknek

If we are to believe this report from the Beijing Times, the young man in this picture is Li Meng of Changchun, China.  Li doesn’t get out much, because he’s busy in front of his computer screen. But unlike his contemporaries who may spend their time in front of a screen for work, Li sits at internet cafes and plays games.  And plays.  And plays. And plays.  Repeat for 6 years.


The owner of one internet cafe where Li …er… works, says the guy’s there all day every day, with a lunch- (and breakfast-, and dinner-   -Ed.) bag, honing his skills. The good news: he takes breaks for showers, potty, and sleeping. The bad news: he’s starting to get a tan off the monitor.  The Times says he pays for his gaming buy selling “virtual gold” to other players.

Who says today’s youth aren’t a bunch of motivated young go-getters?  Not this blog. Li Meng, we salute you. 

Cub Scout Salute