LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Police have arrested a man dubbed the “red-car flasher,” who allegedly exposed his naked body female victims at least 11 times since Aug. 2011.

Luis Bucio-Cedeno, 24, was arrested Friday evening on 19 criminal counts of indecent exposure, child annoyance, lewd conduct and sexual battery, Los Angeles police said.

“This was truly a team effort among detectives and police officers across three San Fernando Valley police divisions,” said Lt. Paul Vernon. “After two years, dozens of sightings, several composite sketches, we got a break in February when a female jogger wrote down a license plate for the van of a man who had exposed himself to her.”

The victim had also seen a red Toyota parked in front of the van, police said. To her surprise, the driver of that vehicle also exposed himself to her.

The van’s license plate sent detectives on a trail that led to several other cars, one of which was registered to Bucio-Cedeno in North Hills.

Detectives followed the suspect for several weeks, hoping to catch him behind the wheel of a red car, but never did.

Officers eventually obtained enough evidence for a search warrant and arrested Bucio-Cendeno at his San Fernando Valley home.

“It was a Bucio-Cedeno’s aunt who unraveled the mystery of the missing red car,” Lt. Vernon said. “She indeed has owned a red Camry. Her nephew had borrowed it from her for several months in the past, but she had recently sold it to someone in Santa Clarita.”

Eleven separate exposure victims have identified Bucio-Cedeno as the “red-car flasher” from photo line-ups, police said.

Bucio-Cedeno is being held on a no-bail federal immigration hold.

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