By Suzie Suh

LOS ANGELES ( — Over 30% of men will experience the affliction of male pattern hair loss by the age of 30. With so many products out there that are developed to fight baldness, men are beginning to find help — through a medication favored by women.

The glaucoma medication, Latisse, has recently become popular among women for the purpose of enhancing eyelashes. The medication is now being tested to discover it’s effect after it is applied to the scalp, and whether or not men may finally get an upper hand in the fight against balding.

Dr. Paul McAndrews, a dermatologist in Beverly Hills who specializes in hair restoration, has prescribed Latisse to patients for years, for this very reason.

“It tries to get any hair follicles to produce a thicker hair,” Dr. McAndrews said. “So the eyelashes, eyebrows, top of the scalp [all apply]. It’s not going to be a wonder drug, but it will be another tool in our tool chest.”

While Dr. McAndrews suggested that while Latisse is similar to the hair-growth product, Rogaine, it will produce fewer side effects, and that Latisse only needs to be applied once per day, instead of twice.

Other medical drug makers are testing their products for hair loss treatment as well. The creators of Avodart, which treats enlarged prostate, also researched its effect on hair loss.

“What the medical treatments are trying to do is to make that hair get thicker again,” Dr. McAndrews suggested. “Kind of reverse what the aging process is doing, which is causing it to miniaturize.”

Upon approval by the FDA, Latisse could become the first approved hair-loss remedy in 14 years.

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