LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — If you’ve ever had second thoughts about handing your keys over to a valet attendant, the Los Angeles City Council says you’re not alone.

The Council’s Public Safety Committee has begun working on an ordinance that would require all valet parking operators and attendants to have city issued permits.

The March 26 proposal (PDF) for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) would also implement parking meter fees “equivalent to the total potential parking meter revenue for on-street spaces” near any meters regulated to accommodate valet parking.

A street usage fee starting at $84 per application review along with other fees ranging from $343 to $520 would also take effect upon passage of the measure.

The proposal comes after the City Attorney’s office presented a draft ordinance in July 2011 to authorize the Board of Police Commissioners to establish a Valet Parking Operator Permit Program.

Mitch Englander, who heads up the Council’s Public Safety Committee, said such regulations are long overdue.

“It’s just crazy to think we never have, and that you just pull up to somewhere randomly and hand somebody the keys to your car,” Englander said.

The draft language, however, remained unclear as to how the regulations would affect valet services at residences and other private events.

Deputy City Attorney Brian Sottile signaled the measure could possibly apply to all valet services, regardless of the location.

“The intent was to protect the owner of that vehicle,” Sottile said. “If you’re gonna give your keys to a car to a person, even at a private event, that that individual’s licensed, knows how to drive, has a place to park the vehicle, rather than some 15-year-old kid who is just gonna help the family out.”

But Englander expressed at least some concern about potential over-regulation.

“I understand the intent and agree with it, I just want to ensure we’re not have some government overreach as well,” he said.

A City Council vote on the measure is expected in the coming weeks. If passed, the program was scheduled to take effect this spring.


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