WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA.com) — Police say a 10-year-old girl who went missing in the predawn hours from her Northridge home was kidnapped by two men.

She told police that one of the suspects was a Caucasian male who is about 18 years old. There was no suspect description for the other man, according to Captain William Hayes of the LAPD.

At a Wednesday evening press conference, Hayes also said the men were strangers to the girl.

“You have a 10-year-old girl … who was taken from her home and held by individuals for several hours,” Hayes said. “If these individuals are brazen enough to do that, I’m putting all the resources I have to make sure they don’t do it again.”

Officials said there were several “crime scenes,” including a storage facility at Mason and Nordhoff and an abandoned home yet to be located.

The girl was dropped off at a Kaiser Hospital before she was found wandering in a Starbucks parking lot — around 3 p.m. — about six miles from her home.

In addition to the two suspects, two different vehicles were reportedly involved in the crime. A black pickup truck was recovered and is being processed for evidence, said authorities.

Police said the girl had facial bruising and lacerations. Family members told CBS2’s Rob Schmitt that the girl might have also had “a possible head injury.”

Hayes said he did not know why the girl was targeted.

The girl was taken to a West Hills hospital to be examined.

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