You don’t have to travel across the Southern Hemisphere to discover the unmistakable charm of the world’s most curious bird — the penguin. At the Aquarium of the Pacific, you can see these charming creatures up-close. Since 2012, the June Keyes Penguin Habitat provides a lively space for over a dozen Magellanic Penguins, where you can observe these stylishly dapper and agile swimmers from more angles than you’d expect.

Of course the other exhibits at the Aquarium will delight you too, but you will surely find that the penguins’ antics will demonstrate many surprisingly human-like personalities and leave you with some of the most lasting memories from your visit. As you watch, you’ll likely realize that your mind has drifted away, into the penguins’ unique world. It’s easy to get lost with the flock living in their idyllic bay-like setting, complete with a rocky reef, sandy beach, and full-penguin action.

Check out the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and visit the penguins. You’ll be glad you did. Kate, Ludwig, and Noodles are looking forward to seeing you, too.

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By Carl Rempel