STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Spring flowers are beginning to bloom!

David Daneshgar, Co-Founder of the online floral marketplace,, stopped by KCAL9 Monday to share floral tips and trends when it comes to sending a holiday hostess flowers she loves!

TIP 1:    Avoid getting “flower frazzled”:

  • Send flowers to your hostess the morning of their party.  This way they anticipate your arrival, can use your bouquet for décor as guests arrive and most importantly you don’t have to worry about rushing out to pick up flowers (if you’re heading over from work, an event, etc.).  Also, thoughtful bouquets take time to create, and you don’t have to worry about the flowers getting discombobulated “in route.” AND no worries about water spilling on your favorite holiday outfit!

TIP 2:    Never send flowers that create more work for the hostess:

  • Party hosts are busy prepping for their guests (i.e. setting up the décor, cooking, tidying up- we’ve all been there!) and not looking for an “arts & crafts project!”  If you send a cello-wrapped or boxed bouquet, it not only looks impersonal and sometimes tacky, but your hostess must then stop what they’re doing, find a vase, trim them, arrange them, add water, and so on. When sending flowers, be sure to send an arrangement that’s already arranged in a vase and ready to be displayed!

TIP 3:     Always send flowers from a local, top-tier floral artisan: They’re not only as fresh as possible, but absolutely stunning every time!

  • Next, consider how close you are to the host and if you know their style/home setup. For instance, if you’re attending a co-worker’s holiday party, you probably have no idea what their décor or table size is. In this case, go with an arrangement that fits well for a coffee table, kitchen counter (NOTE: Actually a big home party trend is decorating/entertaining in front of a walk in kitchen area- guests feel right at home!)
  • If you’re gifting flowers to a close friend or family member, consider sending a main floral centerpiece to help set their dining room table décor.  Remember to check with them ahead of time to make sure they’re not already planning their own centerpiece and they can count on yours to dress their table!
  • If it’s a family member or someone older hosting, opt for a more traditional centerpiece.

TIP 4: Daneshgar always suggest staying away from overly fragrant flowers such as Garden Roses and Casablanca Lilies.

  • They are far more fragrant than classic roses or traditional lilies. Also, you don’t want your florals to compete with the scent of delicious home cooking!
  • For a good friend or a younger host, have some fun and go for something a bit more sleek and modern. Actually, a big floral trend we’ve been seeing is a shift to new-age modern art designs.

Daneshgar also shared the 4 main benefits of ordering on

Quality: Every florist featured on BloomNation has been meticulously vetted for quality (we’re putting our name and reputation behind them)- so you’re only finding the crème de la crème of true floral artisans that take the utmost pride in each arrangement they create.  They truly design works of art!

What You See is What You Get: BloomNation florists post actual images of what they’ve freshly created, so customers see the real bouquet they’re sending- giving them confidence in their order… as opposed to seeing stock images found on conventional floral wires sites, which can be misleading and you never really know what will get delivered

Support Local Businesses: BloomNation is truly a community that supports and empowers thousands of local floral artisans

Personalized Experience: We offer live floral experts and designers on call around the clock to help with any questions, suggestions or special orders you may need. We’ve brought the in-store floral experience online and loving every second of it!

For more information, visit


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