By Serene Branson

WINNETKA ( — Residents of a Winnetka neighborhood are bothered after a dog was shot in the face by police.

LAPD officers responded to a call shortly after 6 p.m. Monday night about the dog — a pit bull — that was loose in the neighborhood. Once on scene, they reportedly attempted to contain the dog before it ran back onto its property and was subsequently shot in the face.

Resident Jan Vassil watched the scene unfold and believes the dog was not at fault.

“[The officer] turned around and then the dog stopped. He was barking a little bit and took one more step,” Vassil said. “The officer turned, bent down, and shot him.”

When asked if the dog was acting aggressive, Vassil said that he was not.

“No, it wasn’t even running. It was just taking a couple of steps, and barking very lightly, not aggressively.”

Lt. Sonia Monica of the LAPD confirmed that the incident will be investigated.

Despite being shot in the face, the dog is expected to survive.


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