LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — What started as a love song from four sisters to their grandmother is now a message of hope and strength to those battling breast cancer.

15,000 people will unite to stand against breast cancer at the Susan G. Komen LA County Race for the Cure this weekend. Among the supporters giving their voices will be a musical band of four sisters who claim that they are on a mission.

The band ‘Sledge Grits’ is attending with the hope of lifting spirits and providing a healing touch through music.

The Sledge sisters, Keiko, 18, Ella, 16, Mimi, 13, and Bopah, 10, are young, but they know about hardship; something most everyone taking part in the race has felt.

Their grandmother was a victim of breast cancer, and their father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The girls’ parents had enrolled them in music classes with the intention of taking their minds off of the family’s struggles. The girls formed a band, and their song, “Come Too Far”, is dedicated to their grandmother, who lost her battle with the disease at the age of 48. The girls now use the song to try and help others.

“I hope to let them know it’s going to be okay,” said Mimi. “They just have to keep trying.”

“Come Too Far” is now an official song of the Susan G. Komen foundation. The song has become something of an anthem for breast cancer patients, their families, and survivors.

The girls will be performing the song at the Race for the Cure this weekend.

“Anybody who listens to it who has struggled, anybody who is fighting breast cancer can be inspired to keep fighting and keep pushing forward,” Keiko said.

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