MENIFEE ( — An Inland Empire woman is determined to move heaven and Earth – or give away $500 – to help her daughter find a new job.

Linda Smith, 61, is offering $500 to anyone who will take her daughter Lisa’s resume and get her a job.

“I’ve been standing out on the street corner with a sign, trying to get all the traffic to read it and pass out a resume whenever they’re receptive and take my daughter’s resume to work,” Smith told the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

Smith suffered a brain injury in 1996 after a car accident. Her daughter Lisa has cared for her these past 16 years, receiving a stipend from the government to do so.

Now that Smith is well enough to live on her own, her daughter’s caretaker income has run out.

Lisa Smith works other small jobs, but that income is not enough to live on. She has also been looking for full-time work, but is finding the same bleak job market as other seekers.

“I’ve been putting out resumes since August,” Lisa Smith said. “I did a record number of 31 in three weeks and got absolutely nothing.”

So Smith has taken to the streets with a hand-scrawled sign.

“I’m offering $500 cash the minute she gets hired for $15 or more as an executive assistant or an office job,” she said.

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