LAS VEGAS ( — Documents reveal that a friend of Christopher Dorner helped police in the manhunt for the quadruple murder suspect.

CBS2’s Joy Benedict reported that a search warrant affidavit of Dorner’s Las Vegas home shows his friend Jason Young helped in the investigation.

Young reportedly showed law enforcement pictures of Dorner’s weapons since the two shared a passion for guns.

Officials relied on Young, who was mentioned in Dorner’s manifesto, for getting insight into the suspected killer’s mindset.

Authorities tracked down Dorner in Big Bear Tuesday prompting a deadly exchange of gunfire at a cabin in the Angelus Oaks area.

A single gunshot was later heard resonating from inside the residence, and officials have yet to determine whether the former LAPD officer shot himself or died in the blaze.

Coroner’s officials determined Thursday that charred remains found in the cabin belonged to the murder suspect.

Meanwhile, relatives say a Riverside police officer shot in a confrontation with Dorner is on the road to recovery. Officer Andrew Tachias, 27, was riding in a patrol car with his training officer Michael Crain when Dorner reportedly drove up next to them and opened fire.

Andrew Tachias was shot in the arms and shoulders and remains hospitalized in stable condition. Crain died from his injuries, making him the third of four people believed to have been killed by Dorner.

Tachias had just joined the Riverside Police Department two months ago after having left the Inglewood Police Department, where he had narrowly escaped death in another shooting five months ago.

The victim’s father, Anthony Tachias, said his son is devastated by Crain’s death.

“His impression of him was…what a solid man. What a decent, hardworking, ethical man. Someone anyone would want to emulate, so this is devastating,” he said.

Tachias has to undergo a significant amount of physical therapy before he can return to work.


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