LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 14:  Luis Cruz #47, Andre Ethier #16, and Hanley Ramirez #13 of the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate after both score on Cruz' three run home run in the sixth inning against the St Louis Cardinals on September 14, 2012 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

 (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Day Date Opponent Time Think Blue
Sun 3/17 Milwaukee (S/S) 1:00p
Sat 3/23 White Sox 7:00p
Tue 3/26 Rockies 7:00p
Fri 3/29 Angels 7:00p
Wed 4/3 Giants 7:00p 6:30p
Tue 4/9 at Padres 3:30p
Sat 4/13 at D-backs 5:00p 4:30p
Tue 4/16 Padres 7:00p 6:30p
Wed 4/17 Padres 7:00p 6:30p
Tue 4/23 at Mets 4:00p
Wed 4/24 at Mets 4:00p
Tue 4/30 Rockies 7:00p 6:30p
Tue 5/7 D-backs 7:00p 6:30p
Tue 5/14 Nationals 7:00p 6:30p
Sat 5/18 at Braves 4:00p
Mon 5/20 at Brewers 5:00p 4:30p
Tue 5/21 at Brewers 5:00p 4:30p
Tue 5/28 Angels 7:00p 6:30p
Wed 5/29 at Angels 7:00p 6:30p
Thu 5/30 at Angels 7:00p 6:30p
Tue 6/4 Padres 7:00p 6:30p
Tue 6/11 D-backs 7:00p 6:30p
Sat 6/15 at Pirates 1:00p
Tue 6/18 at Yankees 4:00p
Thu 6/20 at Padres 7:00p 6:30p
Sun 6/23 at Padres 1:00p
Mon 6/24 Giants 7:00p 6:30p
Tue 6/25 Giants 7:00p 6:30p
Tue 7/2 at Rockies 5:30p 5:00p
Wed 7/3 at Rockies 5:00p 4:30p
Tue 7/9 at D-backs 6:30p 6:00p
Sun 7/21 at Nationals 10:30a
Mon 7/22 at Blue Jays 4:00p
Tue 7/23 at Blue Jays 4:00p
Wed 7/24 at Blue Jays 4:00p
Tue 7/30 Yankees 7:00p 6:30p
Mon 8/5 at Cardinals 4:00p
Tue 8/6 at Cardinals 5:00p 4:30p
Tue 8/13 Mets 7:00p 6:30p
Sat 8/17 at Phillies 4:00p
Mon 8/19 at Marlins 4:00p
Tue 8/20 at Marlins 4:00p
Wed 8/21 at Marlins 4:00p
Thu 8/22 at Marlins 9:30a
Tue 8/27 Cubs 7:00p 6:30p
Mon 9/2 at Rockies 1:00p
Tue 9/3 at Rockies 5:30p 5:00p
Wed 9/4 at Rockies 5:30p 5:00p
Tue 9/10 D-backs 7:00p 6:30p
Tue 9/17 at D-backs 6:30p 6:00p
Thu 9/19 at D-backs 12:30p
Tue 9/24 at Giants 7:00p 6:30p
Wed 9/25 at Giants 7:00p 6:30p