WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA.com) — A Yorkie stolen during a pet adoption event in Woodland Hills has been returned.

CBS2’s Brittney Hopper received a call Sunday afternoon reporting that the dog had been returned.

The alleged theft of the puppy — which was thrown from a car about a week ago — occurred about 5 p.m. Saturday and was caught on tape.

Surveillance video showed a woman inside a caged area taking off with one of the dogs while a male accomplice served as a lookout.

Hopper spoke with Debbie Sutz, who runs the adoption program, on Saturday about the incident.

Sutz said, “For years a pet adoption has been going on here but this is the first time someone has stolen a dog.”

The same woman was shown on surveillance video returning the dog on Sunday. Said Sutz, “I have a little renewed faith in humanity — although I think maybe the dog was returned just because it was on camera.”

Sutz added, “Stealing a dog is a lot different than stealing personal property. This is not a telephone or a coat you can replace. It’s a living thing. It’s a part of the family.”

Brennan Taylor, who plans on adopting the little dog (he has named Chewy) says, “He’s a brave little dog. He’s had a crazy life so far. So it’s going to be a long life with me now.”

Sutz says she will press charges if the culprits are caught.

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