NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CBS2) — Experts say children in foster care can feel alienated and unable to express emotional problems.

CBS2’s Sharon Tay spoke to one foster child who’s trying to help others bring their words to life.

Malcolm Concept is reaching out to foster kids like 15-year-old Daniel with a freestyle rap program called, “Words 2 Life.”

“I didn’t have very good social skills. I didn’t know how to express myself very well,” Daniel said.

His foster parent Keith Ferrazzi said Daniel would, at times, left the house and would go sleep in a dumpster.

Daniel said he was often angry at his foster dad, feeling like he would never consider him his father.

“I didn’t trust anybody. For instance, with Keith, I didn’t trust him. I didn’t like him. I wouldn’t want to let anybody get close to me. I was just afraid of him walking out,” Daniel said.

Concept stepped in to help Daniel open up in the Words 2 Life program.

“They go into these stories, raps and talking about sleeping on the streets, not being loved, being abused, witnessing murders. If you wouldn’t have told me that I would have never assumed it,” Concept said.

Words 2 Life has grown in recent months. The kids are telling their stories out loud on-stage at the Cahuenga General Store in North Hollywood.

“You could just hear it from their own mouths, the fact they became prideful in something that was previously shameful,” Concept said.

“I’ve been able to express myself through music. I’ve actually been able to get a lot of the pain, the anger and the regret and depression out. It felt like I got a boulder off my back,” Daniel said. “I’m letting people in, so I’m trusting myself and I’m trusting people to not make fun of me for who I am.”

For more information about Words 2 Life visit Greenlight Giving.


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