and they're so lifelike... or, uh, UNlifelikeBy Kent Shocknek

In the name of art, a Washington woman is making a killing.  (Start counting the puns now. -Ed.)  Bean Shanine takes existing dolls, paints their faces pale, their eyes red, and adds sharp teeth; and viola!  Lindsay Lohan Zombie Tots.

Labour of love: Each doll needs about 30 layers of paint and then the doll needs to be baked after every layer

The London Daily Mail can be depended on to sink its teeth into the Next Big Thing, and doesn’t disappoint with its story about the dolls, the doll maker, and the rubes collectors who pay up to $1500, per doll.  Let me say that again: $1500 per doll.  Doll-maker  Shanine counts Sharon Osborne among her customers.

Style: The artist said: 'I like to keep them tastefully done, no blood or guts or anything gross like that'

Curse the fates, that the gift-giving season already has passed. Check out the article on the link above, and the cool photography, courtesy the Caters News Agency. I wonder if the photographer got any sleep that night.

BTW: by my count, 3 puns only. My New Year’s Resolution, to show resrtaint  already is paying off…


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