Football season is full of excitement and fervor especially when tailgating at Qualcomm Stadium. As you plan your parking lot party, take time to review any safety policies and procedures so that you and your group of Chargers revelers will be prepared in the event of an emergency.

First Aid: Although you are not permitted to bring any glassware into the Qualcomm Stadium tailgating zone, there is always that one guy who wants his lucky beer mug. When it shatters during a friendly football scuffle, it is a must that you know where the first-aid stations are located throughout the stadium. The same holds true for the numbskull who touches the grill barehanded. First-aid posts are located on the Plaza Level between Gates F and G and on the Plaza Level at Gate N. In addition, if there is a true emergency, the Q is equipped with emergency response teams for easy access.

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Designated Driving: Even if your last cocktail was several hours ago, you may still be feeling the effects or too tired to drive home. The Q has your safety in mind and wants to make sure you arrive home in one piece. On the Plaza Level near Elevators 1, 2 and 4 and near Stairway B, you will easily find Designated Driver Booths. Don’t be afraid to visit the DD Booth – if you are with your tailgating group, the ride home can be a festive extension to your party.

Smoke-Free: In many circles, lighting up is a social faux pas and there is no exception at Qualcomm Stadium. To ensure the comfort of football fans big and small, the Q enforces a 100-percent smoke-free policy. Qualcomm Stadium’s official statement says: “Smoking in the stadium is a violation of The City of San Diego’s Municipal Code and may result in ejection or citation.”

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Lost and Found: From grandpa to little Jr., losing anyone in your party can be hazardous. The tailgater’s rule of thumb is to always keep your game ticket in a pocket or wallet and know exactly where the Stadium Security office is located for easy retrieval of your lost loved one. Should anyone from your group become lost, find a Q staff member and give him or her a thorough description of your lost tailgater. The Stadium Security office is at Gate A and the phone number is (619) 641-3150. What if you lose a “thing” and not a person? The Q houses a lost and found area posted in the Guest Services office on the Plaza Level between Gates F and G. Here you will find your lost item as well as the trash and treasures of other tailgaters and football fans. If you realize you are missing an item after you have already left the stadium, you can call Guest Services directly at (619) 641-3150.

Re-entry Policy: Hate to break it to you, but if you decide to leave the stadium, the Q enforces a no re-entry policy and you’ll have to catch the rest of the game at a local sports bar.
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