Founder Tom Kirlin started Pancakes & Booze without realizing it would end up being the largest underground art show in the county.

Four years ago, he rented a warehouse space in Culver City and turned it into a small photo/film studio after leaving his cameraman life in the film industry. In order to utilize the space on empty nights, he started throwing art shows. Currently, the event is organized up to three times annually in 10 major cities. In 2013, the show expands into 5 more cities, including New York and Las Vegas.

Art, live music, short stacks and libations come together to provide a feast for the senses in the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. The last show of 2012 takes place Friday, Dec. 7 and Saturday, Dec. 8 from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. for just a $5 cover charge. Street parking is free if you can score it, or opt for the secure parking lot ($5) adjacent to the building.

The event will showcase local emerging artists displaying a variety of mediums including paintings, photography, graffiti, and more. Live art will also be featured, including body painting, art battles and a stencil art performance. Not sure what that last one is? Consider it another reason to investigate in person.

Live music will fill the space, with different acts scheduled each night. Local indie rock acts will be on deck providing aural pleasure. With bands sporting names like Snow in Africa and Tangent Transmission, it’s a sign of a good time.

About that craving for pancakes and booze you’re looking to satisfy: fortunately, the events namesake isn’t abstract. Enjoy an endless supply of pancakes grilled up fresh and wash it down with an adult beverage.

Do Los Angeles proud by supporting local art and culture. Get inspired by art. Browse wares for sale. Sway to the beat of a catchy jam session. Oh, and be sure to strike a pose at the free Snap Yourself photo booth before you leave. Let the creative juices flow when you pick out your props; I call dibs on the unicorn horn.

Pancakes & Booze Art Show

(This event is open to 21+)
LOT 613
613 Imperial Street
Los Angeles, CA. 90021
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