GLENDALE ( — A camel escaped from a circus and ran through the streets of Glendale Friday, with her handlers in hot pursuit.

According to the Ramos Brothers Circus, which is holding shows in Glendale this weekend, their camel “Atula” was about to be taken into the ring for an exercise but wasn’t too thrilled about a new trainer putting on her harness. She left the premises and began galloping down Glendale Boulevard.

The CBS2/KCAL9 Street Team even caught footage of the 4-year-old camel meandering around a nearby Mobil gas station.

Circus handlers caught up with the rambunctious animal and led her back to the big top.

The sight of the exotic animal brought traffic to a stop until Atula made it back to her enclosure.

The camel’s trainers said she has never run away before but will let them know when she’s not willing to do something.

Atula was born in Southern California and is part of the Ramos Brothers Circus, which hails from Guadalajara, Mexico.

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