MURRIETA (KCAL9) — A Murrieta man and his dog were mauled by his neighbor’s pit bull mix on Tuesday.

Fred Filgo said the pit bull ran out of his neighbor’s home when the garage door was slightly open.

“He jumped up and bit me right in the stomach and that shook me up. It made me not want to get in front of him,” he said.

After attacking Filgo, the dog went after the man’s Golden Retriever, Bradley.

“I had my hand in his mouth trying to pull his mouth off my dog. And I had my face up against his. And I suddenly realized I wasn’t in a good place,” said Filgo.

Filgo said, “I got three punctures on (my) hand. Plus, the one I had on my stomach.”

Several neighbors ran over to help Filgo and his dog, but the pit bull had clamped down on Bradley.

One resident had to use a stick to pry the pit bull’s jaw open to finally get him to let go of the other dog.

Despite what happened, Filgo said he still considers the pit bull owner his friend.

He said he’s not sure whether or not the pit bull should be put down.

“I love animals. There are very few animals I think should be put down. I’ve seen some that should, and I don’t know,” said Filgo.

Filgo has $1,300 in veterinarian bills and several thousand dollars more in medical bills.

Animal services told KCAL9’s Jeff Nguyen that the pit bull is being quarantined at his owner’s home for 10 days.

The owner said he will get rid of the dog in the wake of the complaints he received from neighbors.


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