LOS ANGELES (CBS2) — Beauty treatments are incorporating new technology in ways we’ve never seen before.

For example, the high-tech Bio Bliss patch, which sells for $25, treats your forehead, crow’s feet and under-eye area with a serum that uses microcurrent technology.

“The fact that there’s micro-currents in it helps the serum to penetrate into the deeper layer of your skin,” says beauty expert Christele de La Haye.

The serum plumps up your skin. You just press a button to activate the micro-currents for an hour. It’s an at-home treatment, so you can go about your business, like watching TV or cruising the Internet while it works.

“And once the treatment is over, your skin is glowing and almost wrinkle free,” de La Haye says.

Beauty Foods gives an entirely new meaning to the term “beauty sleep.” Flavor packets of vanilla and chocolate chai cost you about the same as Starbucks: $3.50. You drink it at bedtime.

“It gives you all the good nutrients and vitamins that your skin needs from the inside while you sleep, so you wake up in the morning and you’re fresh and plumped and beautiful!” de La Haye says.

The Hairkop Essence Obliphica hair mask is for all hair types and stops breakage for $28 a jar.

“I know that there are many hair masks out there, but this one is amazing because it’s highly concentrated in Vitamin C. Your hair is going to look more shiny, beautiful; there’s more volume to it and it helps your hair to grow faster,” de La Haye explains.

Finally, the hydrafacial is the latest three-in-one facial.

“You feel prettier; you feel rested and you feel younger,” de La Haye says.

It exfoliates, hydrates and extracts impurities for around $125 a treatment.

“The advantages are there is no downtime, so you can do this on your lunch break and go back to work,” she says.


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