GLENDALE (CBS2) — Police are warning women in Glendale to be on the lookout for armed and dangerous thieves.

In the past week, officers have reported two attacks on women near homes on Elk Avenue and East Windsor Road.

Sgt. Tom Lorenz from the Glendale Police Department said the suspects seemingly waited for their victims.

One of the victims, who wished to remain anonymous out of fear, said she was attacked last Tuesday night after parking her car on East Elk Avenue.

The unidentified woman said she noticed a man following her.

“I kept walking. When I turned my head on the other side of the street, I saw the guy walking the same,” she said.

The victim thought she was safe once she went inside her apartment building.

She said she started to walk up the stairs when she heard the door swing open.

“I was unprepared. Somebody pulled my purse. I tried to pull back. He was strong,” she said. “He took my purse and he ran away, so I screamed.”

Glendale women said they feel preyed upon because of the lack of street parking and the dark streets in the area.


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