By Suzie Suh

ENCINO ( — A walk with a man’s dog uncovered years of memories for a Michigan family.

The man uncovered home movies scattered all around a park. Only the park was no where near Michigan.

Richard Ellman of Tarzana found the silent 8 mm movies in Balboa Park while walking Robo for their morning ritual.

“Actually, he walks me,” quips Ellman.

During a recent stroll, Ellman came across a box labeled “8mm movies.”

He recalls the box “was upside down and empty.”

Then Ellman began picking up strips. There was, he recalls, “Film all over the place. Spread all over.”

Suzie Suh, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, returned to the park with Ellman and they found more film. “There’s another little piece here.”

Ellman did his best to organize his find. And in doing so, he found out a lot about one family.

There was “Christmas of 1963.” He also stumbled upon “1964. 60th Birthday.” And a great “1972 vacation.”

Ellman also discovered a Michigan address on the film boxes. “I tried to call but he wasn’t listed,” Ellman recalls.

The film finder reached out to us and we found Kenneth Kulow in Michigan. In turn, he told us he has a grandson in LA, named Mark Kulow.

It turns out Kulow’s storage unit in Canoga Park was recently burglarized. He didn’t even know the box was missing until we told him.

When he saw some of the films, the memories came flooding back. “This is my grandfather’s. He bought a camera when my oldest brother was born.”

We also told him someone found it. And reports, Suh: talk about a special delivery.

Ellman met Kulow to return his priceless family memories. “Hi. How you doing? I think these belong to you.”

Kulow was understandably appreciative. “There’s still good people in the world. This just confirms that.”

Ellman says no reward necessary. “I have a box like that at home.”

He hopes that someone else would do the same for him.

Kulow says he’ll return the favor with dinner and a lifetime of gratitude.


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