GLENDALE ( — Police Wednesday detained possible teenage vandals in an upscale Glendale neighborhood after authorities took extra precautions in the area known for its Halloween antics.

Four Burbank teens were busted near Kenneth Road after they were spotted with cartons of eggs and ski masks.

Lt. Bruce Fox from the Glendale Police Department said that was nothing in comparison to last year’s festivities.

“(In 2011), we had 3,000 kids, including a large amount of teenagers, who created quite a vandalism problem,” he said.

Cops shut down a six-block stretch of Kenneth Road between Grandview and Highland on Halloween because some residents complained about past rowdy behavior.

Uniformed and plain clothed officers also patrolled the area, as well as implemented a 10 p.m. curfew.


Cops Crack Down On Halloween Troublemakers In Glendale Neighborhood


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