LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A man who claims he was brutally beaten and thrown into jail, even though he was innocent, has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department.

Attorneys representing Bruce Faraon have filed a civil lawsuit against the LAPD on eight claims of misconduct which include assault and battery.

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“The police report confirms that the only reason the officers stopped Mr. Faraon on this day was because he allegedly, and I quote,” had a surprised look on his face when they drove by and supposedly grabbed his waistband,” attorney Joshua Piovia-Scott said.

Faraon was stopped by police in October of last year as he walked to his Echo Park home from the motorcycle shop where he worked.

Attorneys say that even though Faraon was unarmed and never resisted arrest, the two LAPD officers still used excessive force as they took him into custody.

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Bruce Faraon’s arrest by LAPD officers last year was caught on video by his mother. (credit: CBS)

A video, captured by Faraon’s mother, Ramona, shows Faraon was held to the ground by one officer, who handcuffed him, and by another officer, who held a knee on Faraon’s neck.

“They were choking him. Two policemen were both on him,” Ramona Faraon said.

After his arrest, Bruce Faraon was held for five days on suspicion of resisting arrest, then later released. The charges against him were dropped.

“The harm is done. Psychologically, it’s like – I’m an emotional wreck,” Faraon said.

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Because of pending litigation, LAPD officials say they are unable to comment on this case or the lawsuit.