PASADENA ( — Call it “The Tater Caper” or “Spud Missile”, but whatever you do, don’t forget the butter.

A 6-ton potato rolled into Pasadena on Tuesday ahead of a major food drive next month at the city’s iconic “Fork In The Road” public art sculpture.

The 28-foot long spud was parked next to the city’s 18-foot-high fork after traveling cross-country in an 18-wheel semi throughout the summer as part of a national tour sponsored by Meals On Wheels.

The “Spud Missile” – which is celebrating its 75th anniversary – is actually a sculpture from the Idaho Potato Commission that was re-created from popular state postcard.

Spectators brought canned foods and other donations to the event ahead of the food drive on Nov. 10 and 11 organized by The Fork In the Road Gang to benefit Union Station.