...And a little knowledge of grammar wouldn't hurt either.By Kent Shocknek

It says “To young to die  —  To fast to live.” At least we know, too fast to put the second ‘o’ on the tail end of  ‘To.” And wasn’t this (below) the title of a James Bond movie… or is it about an ingredient in ox-tail soup? (Marrow… get it? Marrow is a beef delicacy that you… Eh,  forget it. -Ed.)  And below that, one for the Hollywood crowd, because poor spelling can be a tradgey….

How ticked-off would you be, the first time someone told you your angry message had one slight little problem?  I’m guessing, angrier. This young man –or woman, I can’t tell– is not smiling. ( If it’s too small, it says “Only God will juge me.”)

But worst of all, would be making a statement that you’re a really tough dude. Maybe the toughest dude in all Chi-Tonw. Which I assume is somewhere near Chi-Town, which is near Chicago. Or Chicgaco.

 (Source: oddee.com)