STUDIO CITY ( — Some “healthy” foods could be making you fat!

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Health and fitness expert Jennifer Cohen visited the KCAL9 studios Tuesday to show viewers “healthy” foods that pack on the pounds, as well as give insight into unlikely foods that promote weight loss!

“Healthy” foods that PACK on the pounds:

-Dried Fruit: contains tons of added sugar and sulfer to keep it perserved longer. Dried fruit has 3 TIMES more calories then its fresh counterpart! Replace with FRESH FRUIT.

-Trail Mix: packed with sugar & salt! A small handful can contain 300+ calories. Trail Mix is great for those on the trail because they need the calories to burn, but this is not a good snack food. Replace with unsalted nuts like almonds which will help satisfy your hunger & give you a nutrition boost.

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-Fat-Free Flavored Yogurt: just because something is fat free doesn’t make it healthy!!! Most of these yogurts pack 15 grams of sugar in 6 oz! Replace with Greek yogurt & fresh fruit.

Unlikely foods that PROMOTE weight loss:

-Cherries: this treat is rich in anthocyanin’s which basically boost fat-fighting enzymes that help oxidize fat in the body!

-Parmesan Cheese: cheese that is only 22 calories & 1 gram of fat per tablespoon! Packed with calcium & protein, both of which help metabolize fat

-Steak: a serving of steak has 21 grams of protein! That covers your daily intake, and protein is the key nutrient to building muscles that burn calories.

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