LOS ANGELES (AP)— A jury has found a 25-year-old man guilty of fatally stabbing the adult son of a Japanese film producer 58 times after he hid in the victim’s Beverly Hills carport in a ninja-like outfit.

Scott Barker was convicted Tuesday of murdering Katsutoshi “Tony” Takazato, whose father, Fuminori Hayashida, lives in Japan and produced several 1990s movies.

Prosecutors said Barker was inspired to kill because he believed Takazato forced his girlfriend into prostitution and pornography to help repay his debts.

Barker’s girlfriend, Chie Coggins-Johnson, had previously dated Takazato.

She originally faced murder charges but pleaded no contest to assault with a deadly weapon in exchange for testimony and received probation.

Barker’s lawyer said Coggins-Johnson was lying to get out of trouble.

Barker is expected to get a life sentence Nov. 9.

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