INGLEWOOD ( — School district employees gathered outside Inglewood High School Wednesday night to voice their frustration over proposed budget cuts.

Inglewood Unified School District officials met inside the school’s auditorium, planning to discuss cuts to wages and benefits as a means of meeting their tight budget.

“They’re really balancing the budget on backs of the classified employees who do all the hard work,” said Christopher Graeber of the California Professional Employees Union.

School bus drivers, teacher’s aides, janitors and other district employees standing outside told KCAL9 reporter Juan Fernandez that they can’t afford another cut to their paychecks.

“Fifteen percent is too much. We can’t afford it. We’re already taking 20 furlough days. We have more furlough days than any school district in the state of California. We have families to support. We need to feed our families…” school worker Robert Roth said.

“Get rid of that superintendent right now, because I can’t afford more cuts. I’m 62 years old and where can I go to get another job?” school employee Mildred Burnett said.

Employees said they are hoping the state takes over the district, which would happen if Gov. Jerry Brown signs the $55 million-emergency bailout bill the state Senate approved last month.

“I think it would be real good, actually, for the kids here. It’s all about the students here and all about us doing our job, and getting paid to do our job,” custodian Ronald Hamilton said.


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