STUDIO CITY ( — Fitness expert and consultant Chris Plourde stopped by KCAL9 Thursday to show viewers at-home exercises  and tips to get fit!

“Fab-Four” Exercises to Get You Fit At-Home:

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The following exercises can be performed for 30 seconds or 1 minute, for a recommended 2-3 rounds.  Each of these exercises has a modified version, if needed.

• Exercise #1: “Touch Jacks” – Targets the legs, glutes and core

(Modification: Air Squats)

• Exercise #2: “Up Up, Down Down” – Targets upper arms, shoulders and core

(Modification: Plank Isometric)

• Exercise #3 “Skaters” – Targets glutes and legs

(Modification: Skaters, no jumps)

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• Exercise #4 “Side Plank, Hip Ups” – Targets core w/emphasis on internal obliques

(Modification: Side Plank, Isometric)

Five Tips to Help You Get Fit:

• Tip #1: Weigh yourself only once a week

• Tip #2: Write down your fitness goals

• Tip #3: Step outside your “comfort zone”

• Tip #4: Consistency is key

• Tip #5: Have fun: Recruit friend or try something new like Triple Threat

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