PLAYA VISTA ( Police are warning Westside residents Tuesday about a series of burglaries they believe are tied to the heat wave.

In the last week and a half, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Division has responded to 11 burglaries in Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Mar Vista, Palms, and Venice.

Officials report the incidents happened in homes where a door or window was left open because of the excessive heat.

The last three break-ins all happened on Fountain Park Drive in Playa Vista, which is an area made up of condos and apartments.

“I was surprised. This seems like a great place to live,” said resident Dave Thacker. “There’s always a nice ocean breeze, and it’s nice to have the windows open.”

Many residents admitted that they often leave doors and windows open. Some even left them open on the ground floor level, which is easy access for a burglar.

“If it was hot, I’d open the windows. We’ll open up the balcony door. But I never really have to think about security because there is 24-hour security that patrols the neighborhood, so I thought it was safe,” said resident Rodney Acoff.

Police encourage people who leave their windows and doors open to be alert of who may be lurking outside.

They said to never leave the house without locking up.


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