BOYLE HEIGHTS ( — Boyle Heights residents who don’t have air conditioning are offering tips to keep cool during this week’s heat wave.

Carmen Tapia said she can’t afford an air conditioning system, so she cools her house with multiple fans.

“(I) just try not to work too hard and stay outside if I can,” she said.

Juanita Marques keeps her windows open and tries to cool off with cold snacks.

“I have all these popsicles, so I can stay cool,” she said.

Dr. Stephen Jones with Northridge Hospital Medical Center said not only is the heat uncomfortable, but it’s dangerous because of the length of the heat wave.

He said people exposed to excessive temperatures could be at risk for heat distress, ranging from mild dehydration to severe symptoms like heat stroke.

“Some of the things to look for start with excessive thirst, fatigue, just the feeling that you’re weak… not doing well,” Jones said.

However, Boyle Heights residents said they’re not worried about heat illness. They just want the temperatures to take a bit of a dip.


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