LOS ANGELES (CBS)— 16-year-old Gabby Douglas is inspiring a new generation of gymnasts after winning Olympic gold in the women’s all-around competition in London on Thursday.

At YMCA Gymnastics in Lakewood, young girls are excited to have a new role model. Gabby is, after all, the first African-American to win the coveted title.

“It was just blowing my mind,” said 9-year-old Kayla Rhodes. “I look up to her a lot. I want to be in her shoes someday and win the Olympic championship.”

“It’s crazy inspiring. I was so happy that she won. I was screaming and jumping up and down, and my parents were wondering why I was so happy, but it’s so special to me,” said 14-year-old Krystal Rhabum.

Los Angeles sports attorney Jeff Lenkov said that in addition to being an inspiration, Gabby can expect big money.

The Olympic brand is extremely valuable because it speaks to winning and global appeal, Lenkov said.

“You’re talking millions in the short run. And maybe exceeding $10 million,” he said.

The endorsement deals are already in the picture for Gabby. Starting this fall, she’ll be on the cover of special-edition boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.


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