Quick! Post these profile pictures on Linkedin: they scream “I’m unique!” Boy, do they scream it. OK, from this year’s Comic Convention in San Diego:  first, there’s:

Ghetto Merman

Moving on quickly: there’s,  –uh… this guy:

America Man?

Green Spandex Man, and friend, Invisible-against-the-background Man:

 Green Man & Friend

R2-D Kitty. I think.

Hello R2D2

And (What the Hell? -Ed.)

I Can't Even Guess What These Guys Are Dressed As

And we leave you with Princess Leia,  when she was the harem slave of that Banana Slug guy in Star Wars V (maybe– they’re all the same to me). Or maybe it’s Xena. Or I Dream of Jeannie. You be the judge. And may the Force be with you. 

The Sexiest Slave Leia Ever

(Photo source, and a big tip o’ the Fedora to oddee.com)



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