LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Temperatures may have been scorching all over the Southland Thursday but that didn’t stop diehard “Batman” fans from camping out on the hot asphalt.

The highly-anticipated “Dark Knight Rises” opens at midnight and some fans have been lining up for days to get prime seats.

CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Jeff Nguyen talked to some of the first in line at Krikorian Cinema in Redlands.

Brandon Scott and his girlfriend Olivia Favela will be two of the hardcore fans to get a seat at the midnight showing, all due to a little help from their friends.

Says Scott, “Our person saved this spot. And their person saved that spot. And so it’s like an ongoing train. And it eventually became our spot here.”

Krikorian Cinema, reports Nguyen, is the place to be in the Inland Empire for big, anticipated, wide releases.

Film fan Olivia Favela has seen all the biggies here, “‘The Avengers’, ‘The X-men’ movies, the other Batman movies, ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Harry Potter.'”

Lindsay Van Sandt got dressed up as the Joker’s girlfriend. “It helps to enhance the experience. I get to run around as a super hero for the day.”

Fan Beverly Clarke and her friends got in line last night and camped out. “We brought a tent but the pieces were missing so we ended up sleeping on the concrete.”

There were plenty more fans who took their devotion lying down. The temperature in Redlands got up to 99 degrees today. Nguyen says those who couldn’t find shade — brought tents.

Some passed the time with volleyball.

Many just talked about the movies and what would lead them to camp out or stand out in the hot sun. Fans like Brandon Scott say watching the movie with other devoted fans is what makes the long, hot wait so worth it.

He says, “That way after the movie – like what did you like? I like this part. I like that part. And we bounce off each other and keep going about the movie afterwards.”


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