LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Sen. Barbara Boxer announced plans Thursday to apply for $2 billion in low-interest federal loans to speed up LA County’s mass transportation plans.

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Villaraigosa said Congress recently approved a $100 billion transportation bill, which includes a program known as “America Fast Forward”. Boxer said that program allows the city to finish 12 transportation projects in the next 10 years instead of waiting until 2039.

“(The) plans include the Purple subway line to Westwood and the Sepulveda Pass transit project, adding either light rail or subway access to the 405,” she said.

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The project also allows the Green Line to include Los Angeles International Airport and the South Bay, which will provide much needed access to commuters living south of the city.

Tiffany Marci spends about an hour driving 10 miles to work because she doesn’t have a better option.

“If we had a subway that came over here that’d be amazing, but there’s not a nearby subway stop from our home,” she said.

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However, the plans aren’t just about making things easier for commuters. When all the projects are finished, it’s estimated that Angelenos will use 10 million gallons less of gasoline and drive 191 fewer miles on roadways each year.