Quietly tucked within the center of the Temecula wine country is the Temecula Berry Company, a 10-acre farm that has stood the test of time and stayed true to a simpler set of values that the fast-paced technology-ridden present has forgotten. The family owned and operated farm grows only blueberries and is open publicly for a few months a year for blueberry season (Mid-May to Mid-July). Going to the Temecula Berry Co farm is relaxing and is truly a family friendly experience that you will not only treasure forever, but make a yearly family tradition.

temecula berry company Its Blueberry Time at Temecula Berry CompanyThe Temecula Berry Company is open 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm for u-pick blueberries. Blueberries cost a very reasonable $5 a pint with container included. (Temecula Berry Co does not accept debit/credit cards at this time.) Temecula valley honey is available for purchase as well. The farm asks that visitors only pick the berries they intend to purchase. Buckets are provided for picking and are just right for smaller kid-sized hands. Larger pitchers with handles are available for the adults.

boy with blueberry Its Blueberry Time at Temecula Berry Company

Blueberry picking tips: Wear closed-toed shoes, bring plenty of water and wear lots of sunscreen. The best time to pick is early morning or evening as the hot Temecula summer sun can be brutal.

blueberries Its Blueberry Time at Temecula Berry CompanyIn my opinion, the best way to enjoy fresh picked blueberries is by putting them in simple dishes with very few ingredients as to not mask the deliciousness of the berry itself. I can’t help but pop a few berries into my mouth every time I get something from the fridge. After we pick several pints of blueberries during our trip we come home to enjoy smoothies, blueberry pancakes and yogurt parfaits, all including our fresh picked Temecula Berry Company blueberries.

girl picking blueberries Its Blueberry Time at Temecula Berry Company

Desiree Eaglin endeavors to show her 3 children all the wonderful hidden Southern California treasures; especially the endearing treasures like the Temecula Berry Company. She blogs at Sarcastic, Funny and Brutally Honest. You can find her on Twitter too.
Photos by Desiree Eaglin and Kelly Cole.

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