MARINA DEL REY (CBS) — A former female professional wrestler wreaked havoc on a local man’s life after she accidentally put his cell phone number on Twitter.

Chyna, the former pro wrestler turned porn star whose real name is Joan Laurer, sent out a tweet about her missing dog, Hachie, earlier this month.

“My toy poodle was stole by a “friend” . . .  was to babysit for one night and never returned. not gonna let this happen anymore,” she tweeted.

And instead of going to police, Chyna tweeted her former friend’s phone number and directed her 25,000 followers to call the woman and demand the dog be returned. The only problem? It wasn’t the correct number.

“I think the number she meant to tweet was just one number off from my former cell phone number,” said Harley Collins who received more than 100 calls and texts from loyal fans.

“Give Chyna her dog back please, she really loves this dog and it’s not very nice for you to have stolen it…. That’s not healthy, give her her dog back now!” one man said in a voice mail left for Collins.

Collins said he was forced to change his number due to all the outpour from fans.

“I would like for her at least to take the Twitter postings down because she put several different numbers there,” he said.

Chyna is still looking for Hachie, which she says is worth $3,000.



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