MONTEREY PARK (CBS) — Police are warning San Gabriel Valley residents to be on the lookout for thieves who specialize in stealing lawn furniture.

“I had a bench here, concrete, and someone decided to walk away with it,” said Betty Ramos, one of several Monterey Park residents victimized by the recent rash of thefts.

Ramos showed CBS2 the spot on her front yard where a bench once stood. She also had sentimental statues swiped. If only the frog or parrot lawn ornaments displayed nearby could talk, she said, then she might find out who is responsible.

Monterey Park police are warning residents about a series of thefts over the past month. At least eight people have reported having their benches, statues and potted plants taken from their front yard.

Clementina Orozco and her husband had two benches on their porch.

“We would sit on the bench and talk to each other about old times and the kids,” Orozco said.

The couple has now moved their benches, and their conversations, to the backyard, to avoid having them stolen. They’ve also relocated their ceramic bird, elephants and metal rooster to the back.

“It’s kind of scary because we have to look at our neighborhood — the cars, trucks — and keep an eye open,” Orozco said.

Investigators have told residents that the thieves are probably selling the stolen goods at swap meets.

Ramos decided to take action — by rigging her metal chair with rope.

“I just tied it around to the pole just in case they come, I’ll get them. I’ll hear them. I’ll be up!” Ramos said.



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