LONG BEACH (CBS) — Residents on a Long Beach street are under siege by a pair of Cooper’s hawks, who’ve built a nest in the middle of the block.

The birds have allegedly been attacking children and adults, leaving several people bloodied, in the 2200 block of Chestnut Avenue, according to neighbors.

“Whose responsibility is it to protect the citizens of this poor neighborhood? If I go to Palos Verdes and there are rattle snake areas, at least I get warning of a danger zone. If someone had just come to warn our residents – the parents of the small kids playing on the block that there was a clear and present danger to their children – we would have been safer and some of the attacks would not happen,” resident Dennis L. Snapp said in a letter written to his local councilman.

Snapp said he and several other residents notified the police, who promised to send out an animal control crew. He said no one ever came.

Residents are now wondering if they’re going to be left to fend for themselves and for their children against these territorial hawks.


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