STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Overwhelmed? Overworked? Overtired?

Life and Business Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker Gail Kasper stopped by KCAL9 Sunday to talk about her new book, “Unstoppable: 6 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Goals.” Kasper provides readers simple tips to meet your personal and family goals.

5 Tips To Create Family Time:

1. Incorporate a Steel Team

Unfortunately, too many people face challenges such as feeling overwhelmed or stressed, alone; they are unaware that support is there if they need it. Have you taken on more than you can chew or reached a point where you felt as though you were ready to explode? Perhaps you are snapping, tensing up, unable to sleep, eating too much or too little, or all of the above. These are direct signs that you need to make a change immediately or face the result, resentment and increased stress for yourself and your family. Many people don’t realize that a critical element in goal achievement is support from others; it can help you achieve well-needed balance much quicker. I refer to this as a Steel Team. The steel team is defined by the acronym FAMILY – Friend, Associate, Mentor, Instructor, Loved One, and You. Who can you turn that will open your mind to a new way of thinking in a supportive environment?

2. Create The Rules For Summer Fun:

Sit down with your partner, pen and paper in hand, and create the rules with regard to time, money, or even activities. When presenting options to your kids, you must be on the same page. In other words, decide what’s important and necessary NOW? If it’s quality time with your kids and your partner, then put that at the top of the list. If it’s personal time for you, write it down. These become your priorities. Also indicate your summertime budget. What’s financially practical? Finally note potential interferences. For example you might be someone who gets easily sidetracked with work priorities when your personal time should be predominant. If this is the case, set a rule, “No work during family time.”

3. Define An Activity Plan:

Get the family together and brainstorm. Come up with as many ideas as possible to enjoy time together and make sure that “activity” is part of the plan. USA Today recently stated that the obesity rate is anticipated to hit 42% by 2030. It has been on a steady incline since 1962, from 13%. Consider these ideas for outdoor fun: Have a healthy-foods barbeque and then turn on the sprinkler and enjoy the action with your kids, take a family jog or a hike, set up a camp ground in your backyard and rough it, ride bikes, go to the playground and stage a treasure hunt, go to the zoo, volunteer at an animal shelter, fly a kite, or even dance. There are so many things you can do that involve being active. This is the key. Though a workout routine is always great, what’s most important is to develop a habit of getting and keeping active. You might even decide to have a daily schedule of physical activities for your kids during the summer months, reducing TV time and increasing activity time. This will promote long-term positive habits.

4. Be Aware of Emotional Responses And The Need To Switch Things Up:

Any plan has the potential to become stale or redundant. Be ready to switch it up. There may be days you hear words like, “I don’t feel like going outside…” or “I don’t want to…” I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. Even as adults we tend to whine if we don’t feel like going to the gym or doing a specific activity. The answer is this: if your kids get emotional, you get logical. Ask them to come up with a few new activities that they would like to do.

5. Rebound, If Necessary:

If you get off track due to a last-minute work commitment, it can be disappointing for you and your family. Don’t pretend that it doesn’t matter to them or to you. It does. You must hold yourself accountable. If it’s a work issue, share it with your family, apologize, and make a commitment with regard to a specific date and time to come through.

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