By Pete Demetriou

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Next time you park your car anywhere in Los Angeles, make sure you carry some change to feed the meter or you could end up coughing up big bucks.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports the city has announced plans to hire more parking enforcement employees in its latest move to maximize revenue.

In order to maximize recent parking ticket increases, the city is planning to hire as many as 150 workers on a part-time basis to help issue tickets.

The plan comes just two weeks after the city announced it would increase the price of a parking meter ticket by $5 up to $63 in higher-traffic areas like downtown L.A., North Hollywood, West L.A., Studio City, and Hollywood.

The move isn’t likely to be received well by Angelenos.

“Are you kidding me?” said one man. “What the hell is that?”

The city hopes to bring in some much-need revenue after the numbers of tickets issued has plunged from 3.2 to 2.5 million since 2003.

But Los Angeles isn’t the only Southland city looking to cash in on its parking meters: Santa Monica recently unveiled new meters that will automatically reset when drivers leave, meaning free parking in the city could soon be a thing of the past.


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