LOS ANGELES (CBS) — There’s good news for those who suffer from nomophobia (the fear of being without a cell phone). Virgin Atlantic passengers can now use their cell phones during certain flights.

New AeroMobile technology allows phones to connect to the airline’s network using their lowest settings, which prevents interference with the plane’s onboard electronics.

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Mobile devices must be off during takeoff and landing, but as long as passengers’ phones are activated for international roaming, they will be able to make phone calls and receive text messages.

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Virgin Atlantic says the service has no hidden fees, but regular roaming charges will apply.

Cell phone use on flights will likely benefit business passengers, but it will also put a smile on the faces of those who suffer from cell phone separation anxiety.

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AeroMobile will first be available on flights from New York to London. However, Virgin Atlantic plans to quickly expand its services to 13 aircraft, some of which fly out of LAX, by the end of 2012.