LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A controversial new book makes several stunning claims about the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ron Goldman murders in 1994.

Author William Dear, a retired police officer and long-time private investigator, says O.J. didn’t commit the double homicide. “There is still a murderer out there.”

So,  if O.J. didn’t do it…who did?

Dear says Simpson’s son Jason was the culprit. And he says he can prove it. “Jason was never interviewed by the Los Angeles police department.”

The author of “O.J. Is Innocent And I Can Prove It” says Simpson was merely covering for his son. That Jason had an explosive temper, didn’t like Nicole very much and that he was obsessed with knives should have made him a suspect. Police focused on O.J.,, says Dear, in a classic rush to judgement.

He maintains Jason was certainly old enough (he was 24) strong enough (he was 5’11” and 235 pounds) to kill two people. His book paints the picture of very disturbed young man. “At the time of the murders, he was on probation for assault with a knife.”

Dear also believes he has uncovered the murder weapon — a knife that was never introduced at trial. But a knife he said turned up in a storage facility owned by Jason.

CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Serene Branson reports about Dear’s stunning claims and his 576-page “true account” of what happened.

He says he’s spent almost a million dollars trying to prove the case against Jason Simpson.

Dear believes O.J, was at the crime scene at some point but that he didn’t participate in the murders. “He was there but after the murder.”

Former O.J. Simpson pal Ron Shipp — a former police officer — believes his friend committed the murders and no one else. When he first heard about Dear’s book, he was stunned. “I thought did you blow a microchip?”

Of the book he says, “There are so many things in there that are wrong. So untrue.”

Branson made numerous attempts to get a comment from Jason Simpson — reportedly now living in Miami and working as a chef — but was unable to reach him.

She also tried to get a statement from the LA DA’s office who said they had “no comment” on the book. O.J. Simpson’s attorney also said he has no comment.


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