RIVERSIDE (CBS) — A pregnant woman has found a criminal solution to keep cool by stealing an air conditioning unit.

An employee at Remax Allstars Realty, 6809 Indiana Avenue, noticed the unit was missing Thursday and checked the office surveillance footage only to find the theft on tape.

According to the footage, the theft happened around 5:45 a.m. A man is seen cutting cables to the air conditioner and trying to put the large unit into a silver four-door sedan. After struggling for several minutes, the pregnant woman gets out of the passenger seat and helps him lift the unit into the truck of the car.

“That was pretty shocking when we saw her get out the car,” said Kirstin Pedersen.

After securing the air conditioner, the couple is seen driving off.

“We filed a police report yesterday morning . . . the video has been posted on Youtube, Craigslist . . . we are trying very hard to find the couple who took it,” Pedersen said.

The air conditioner’s owner is offering a $500 reward to anyone who provides information leading to an arrest.

Tips can be sent to theft@gsmt.com or the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.


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