EAGLE ROCK (CBS) — A 54-year-old Eagle Rock woman is fighting for her life in the hospital with extensive head and body injuries she suffered in an unprovoked attack Tuesday.

Suraya Fadel, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, asked police if the woman was lucky to be alive. Said Detective Jeana Franco, “Absolutely.”

Franco added, “She was violently hit with a crow bar, multiple times. The injuries are severe.”

Lead detectives say the woman was a random target — nearly beaten to death for no reason.

The unidentified woman was assaulted Tuesday afternoon in the 48000 block of Floristan Avenue, near Townsend Avenue.

According to authorities, the woman was simply walking home after grocery shopping in broad daylight. “He struck her multiple times in the head.”

The officer said, “We have no idea why he did it. Or what provoked him. She did nothing wrong. She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The alleged attacker was apprehended. He is identified as Juan Isaac Garza, 21, of Eagle Rock.

Garza is behind bars and charged with attempted murder.

The weapon was recovered at the crime scene.

Garza’s bail has been set for $500,000.

A witness told Fadel, “He seemed angry, physically attacking her and he would not stop hitting her.”

Detectives are trying to gather neighborhood surveillance video to see if the attack was captured on film.

Authorities said Good Samaritans ran after the suspect and trailed him to his family’s home, about two blocks away from the crime scene.


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