HOLLYWOOD (CBS) —  In a plot worthy of a Hollywood movie, police surrounded the W Hotel Sunday afternoon in the search for Sun Valley shooting suspects.

After cornering who they thought were the suspects, police determined it was all a case of mistaken identity.

Police cornered a car on the hotel’s driveway on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Argyle, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

For several hours Sunday, police — armed with rifles — blocked off the street leading to the hotel looking for suspects.

The incident started with a report of a shooting in Sun Valley. Police said the alleged victims in that attack, followed what they thought was the suspect’s car to the W.

The alleged victims followed the suspect, all the while calling police, according to Cristy Fajardo, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9.

With guns drawn, police encountered the suspect’s car — only the suspect turned out to be a car filled with girls.

Apparently the shooting victims followed the wrong vehicle.

Meanwhile, complicating matters, when police arrived to the hotel a mentally disturbed man started acting suspiciously and he ran from them.

One officer told Fajardo, “The man was in the hotel, and he was running in and out — I think he had some mental health issues.  And we thought he was part of the problem.”

Police told Fajardo they don’t believe any crime took place at the W and they still haven’t found any evident to suggest a shooting took place in Sun Valley.







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